Pandora Park

PandoraPark is a game developer company, creating exciting and challenging games filled with innovation and quality that you want to play.

Put the ball in the pocket. Make your way through swing magnetic balls. Collect all the stars to open the shutter then go inside the door. Solve all the puzzles and unlock new levels & worlds with the help of different real life objects that you like to play with – iron, magnet, pendulum, wood block, screw, spring, balloon, blade, dumper, slider, tape etc.

End of the world! Objects are falling from the sky, breaking your home down, shoot them up with cannon and save your village. How much falling objects you can destroy? How long can you survive?

Run!! Police cars are chasing you! Hold your steering strong and evade them away. Make your way through power-ups, speed-ups, bombs, and coins. Level up and speed up your vehicle, do not get busted. Ready to take the challenge?